A Guide to Aspiring Motivational Speakers on Marriage and Family Life

Are you among the many aspiring motivational speakers on family and marriage? Here is a guide that tells you how you can build your reputation as one of the best motivational speakers by strengthening the foundation of your own marriage.

Marriage and Family Habit #1: Keep your gadgets away during weekends or family day.

Make it a habit that when you are home, you won’t spend most of your time tinkering with your laptop or mobile phone. Save those things for work days. Focus on your spouse and kids during family time. If you need to answer an emergency call from your boss, be sure to keep your conversation short.

Marriage and Family Habit #2: Practice speaking with your spouse and kids gently and softly.

Most parents nowadays speak in short and demanding phrases, especially when telling their own children what to do or where to go. For instance, “Take out the trash,” “Go to your room” or “Wash your hands” could be tweaked a bit to sound much more pleasant and a lot less authoritative.

It is a fact that you have the power over your children because you are their parent; besides, you’re bigger and older. However, speaking in phrases will only end up forcing your children to actually do something that they perceive negatively. The chances of shouting and yelling are also higher.

Marriage and Family Habit #3: Learn to respect the privacy of your spouse and children.

Being a spouse and a parent does not give you a license to invade the privacy of your loved ones. Everyone needs to have their own personal space and time, regardless of your relationship with them and their age.

Young children need to time to sit back and relax on their own as well. They need to energize themselves and enjoy alone time. If your children share a room, teach them to respect the personal time and space of their siblings. This way, you are teaching them that they have a place where they can cry alone, think, and do their own activities.

Marriage and Family Habit #4: Be patient.

This is one quality of a parent that can alter your life, as well as your entire family’s life. In this fast-paced and high-pressure world, the norm is to expect everything to happen in a snap. Many people have developed the attitude of being impatient, which in turn makes them easily irritated.

Try to ponder on this: patience takes practice. Once you become patient each day, you get stronger on this aspect. Patience also gives you self-control and most importantly, the capability to stop. From a neutral position, you will be able to make good choices and wise decisions in your life.

Marriage and Family Habit #5: Set short-term and long-term goals with your spouse.

Spend time writing your goals as husband and wife, and as parents to your children. This activity can provide you a new world of possibilities, broadening your understanding of each other. Since this activity is intentional and deliberate, it can help improve your marriage and family life.

When you specifically know where improvements are needed, you get the chance to avoid feelings of neglect and the thinking that your spouse is unhappy with your marriage. Your anniversary date is a perfect way to mark your goal-setting session. Continue to set and meet your goals as a couple.

Most of the great motivational speakers talk from their experiences. You cannot encourage anyone to do something if you did not go through it yourself. So, become one of the most effective motivational speakers on marriage by adopting the relationship habits mentioned above.

There are some motivational speakers who have the talent, background, experience and versatility to truly be a perfect fit for many different types of industries and organizations.

Printed Circuit Board Overview


Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are also called Printed Wiring Board or Printed Wiring Card. These boards are made of fiberglass covered with plastic and copper tracks. A PCB’s components are connected together by the copper tracks, forming an electronic circuit. So far, this is the most popular and common way of integrating different electronic wires and circuits into a single unit. Overall function heavily lies on the design not only of the printed circuit, but of the whole system.

As such, a designer should give careful attention to the interlinking of traces, grounding, partitioning, decoupling, etc. because all these factors are important for the completion of the whole design and functionality of the circuit board. It should be noted that poor design may result to inefficiency, data corruption, overheating, and other dangerous outcomes.

Where did it come from?

Printed circuit boardThe PCB originated from the concept of wire wrapping. It is a literal wrapping of wires between different terminal points. This is a lengthy method of creating circuits which usually leads to short circuits and failures as time passes (since wire protections get weaker). Later on, integrated circuits and electronics compelled manufacturers to decrease its size and the printed circuit board was born. Nowadays, PCBs are one of the essential components of small and large electronic gadgets alike.

Electronic devices where PCBs are commonly used come in variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. So, the challenge of the electronic industry and manufacturers is to come up with new ways on how to further decrease its size and fit in all the wire systems and multilayer boards with the same or even higher functions into smaller and more compact sizes.

Basic components of PCB

Printed circuit board has multiple layers, copper wires, and silkscreen that are bonded together through lamination and heat, making it a thin and multi-layered circuit.

• Base material (FR4) –

The base material of PCB is also called the substrate and is commonly made of fiberglass or FR4. This is the main component of PCB which keeps its thickness (its rigidity is based on the thickness of its base). PCB base can be made from epoxies and other materials which are cheaper than FR4 but less durable and rigid. PCB’s with these kinds of low-quality base have a differentiating odor. It may also lead to unnecessary failures.

• Copper –

This is a thin foil which is adhesively fused and laminated on the board. The thickness and weight of copper wires vary in each PCB. The number of layers of one PCB ranges from one up to 16 layers.

• Solder mask –

This is put above the copper wire to prevent it from touching other metal parts of the board. This acts as an insulator for the copper wires. The most common color of solder mask is green but it can be any color such as red, violet, etc.

• Silkscreen –

This is another layer placed above the solder mask. Through the use of silkscreen, letters and other symbols can be added to the PCB. These are important indicators of the names and functions of each part of PCB for users to understand the board better. Like the solder mask, the silkscreen is available in other colors (yellow, red, etc.) as well, but it is very rare to see two different colors in one board.

The entire system of printed circuit board may be contained in a small chip, but putting together all its parts, wires and covers is a complex process that requires expert skills and hands. Likewise, there should be a careful layout practice for designing the whole PCB system to optimize its power components and supply.

PCB Industry are ready to produce the finest quality Printed circuit board products that our customers.

Dropping The Pounds With HCG Drops

There are a lot of different routes that you can take today in terms of health and wellness. There’s so many that you could find yourself losing sight of what works and what doesn’t. It’s for that reason that you should take a step back and see what is working for many people, and what is not working at all. If you do the math, you will see that there are some options that are definitely worth pursuing, and others that aren’t so grand after all. With that in mind, consider the following elements that are going to help you build on the right framework and perhaps get you to the right involvement within the world of losing weight and more. There are pillars to the idea of sustainable weight management, and it’s all in regards to supplements, diet, exercise, and continued lifestyle improvement.

The Goal of Weight Loss

HCG dropsThe numbers play a great role in this case. You’ll find that the average person trying to lose a few pounds is going to be isolating the framework of what they are working on through the lens of what the scale says. If you are only cycling through what your scale is saying, you are going to miss out over time. You need to focus on your body’s contours, changes, and movements. When you look at that, and you do not focus on the numbers, you are going to end up with a much brighter solution. If you don’t do that, you are going to find that the weight loss that you may get is marginal at best.

The goal here is not to just lose weight, but to burn fat. Burning fat will give you the best results and you will see yourself losing more than gaining, over time. It’s something that is definitely worth cycling through for the future, and something that should get you motivated into the right arenas.

Moving Into Action

To heighten the senses and get the body producing more metabolic enzymes, you’re going to want to take on an exercise plan. This doesn’t need to be a complex one, it could be rather simple, but it’s important that you seek one out. Whether you look into joining a gym, or you cycle through a variety of options, you should definitely get into motion. The more you focus on this, the better off you are going to be in regards to the results that you’re going to sustain overall.

Dropping significant weight can be a matter of movement and diet, but you’ll want to sustain the losses after they start to come through. In order to do that, you’ll need supplements that boost the body’s response to your movements. That means adding things like hcg drops, which can help with the metabolism of fat. When you turn fat cells into energy, you are going to make serious gains, and that’s a plus. Making these gains is something that will pay off dividends down the line, and something that should not be forgotten in the long term.

At the end of the day, you will find that working with exercise, dieting a bit, and using hcg drops is the answer to sustainable, management of weight. Whether you want to drop a few pounds or you want to just get more fit, a helping hand is found within the cycle of these elements. They’ve been tested time and time again, and you’re definitely going to want to pursue them moving forward. Check them out and see how they can help you make gains today. You’ll be surprised how well they can work.

Essential Inquiries before Ordering Custom Military Coins

Individuals who served at the front lines are proud of their units and are nostalgic about the time they spent in the army. Numerous military personnel order custom military coins as their way of taking pride in their jobs and their units. Military men and women wishing to order these coins through service providers should ask the following questions to set their expectations and ensure quality:

What metal colors are available?

Custom Military CoinsCoins come in a wide range of colors that make them stand out and worth collecting. These metal color choices also apply to ordering military coins. Knowing available metal colors allow buyers to personalize coins and be proud of these pieces.

Colors are available in gold, silver, copper, brass and nickel metal. These colors come in two types of finishes. Polished finishes give coins the brand new look. Traditionalists, however, can choose antique finishes, which make the pieces look aged. Duo-tone metal colors are among the color options which give coins dual shades of gold and brass for rarer appeal.

Is it okay to send personalized designs?

Graphic designers working on custom military coins have seen all military branches’ insignia designs, which made coin designing easier for them. Nevertheless, some clients want their coins to be unique, especially if meant as gifts for unit members. They wish to send their own layouts and designs that highlight their unit’s incomparable qualities.

Graphic artists are skilled enough to carry out clients’ requested designs. Their expertise in the field makes it possible for them to deliver coins according to buyers’ preferences.

Is design recreation possible?

Some active military personnel and veterans consider themselves as traditionalists. They want their custom military coins to possess conventional insignia designs representing their military branches. These are the usual styles embedded on existing coins, but clients want to recreate them on their new coins to order. Expert artists can replicate these designs on new coins as if they are existing coins’ carbon copies.

How long before coins are delivered?

Among the advantages of ordering personalized military coins is graphic designers only need a night to create a design proof and wait for buyers’ approval. Once the client approved of the proof, they can start manufacturing and buyers will receive the new coins after two or three weeks. Coins will be available in time for any special event among current and former military men organized.

Does the price include packaging price?

Many people order custom military coins as memorabilia for their fellow soldiers or unit members on occasions or other events. Hence, many buyers want to know what packaging choices come with coins and if they are available at no additional charge. Packaging options include regular and customized PVC pouches, velvet bag, velvet box, and coin capsules. Usually, plain PVC pouches are included for free, but other special package options come with budget-friendly charges, which are worth buying depending on the occasion when these coins will be distributed.

How safe is the shipping process?

These coins are valuable for service members. Therefore, they want to make sure that coins are delivered properly and keep them from damages while in transit. As the seller understands coins’ value, he will ship coins in their individual packages and in protected boxes. Buyers must verify this information before purchasing to guarantee safe shipping procedures.

Asking several questions before ordering custom military coins will set a buyer’s expectation on the items and services. These inquiries open opportunities for buyers to compare services and deals that will suit their budget. Most of these questions are answered through a seller’s FAQ page, but customers can send an email or call for other unwritten information on websites.

Numerous military personnel order custom military coins as their way of taking pride in their jobs and their units.


Career Plans Result to Employee Retention

Employee retention is the ability of an organization to make the employees appreciate their work and stay for a long period of time in the company. You provide employees with these employee retention programs and policies to avoid employee turnovers that will cost the company a lot.

The hiring process is the critical stage in the employee retention program. Choosing the best people is the first step in ensuring that you will retain them in the company. However, after having them in your company, what would be your next step? Surely, you already provided them the proper orientation and training. It may take a few years or months for them to be fully productive. However, since they are your employees now, you must already have a plan for their career and stay in your organization.

Employee retentionFirst of all, career development planning is decided by the employee. It is his call or decision what he wants for his career. However, as their employer, you must provide them opportunities that will help them improve their skills and abilities. Therefore, they can take a newer level or higher position in the company. As what Julie Winkle Giulioni said, “Your employees’ ability to take satisfying and productive steps towards career goals is directly proportionate to their self-awareness.” Knowing your employees’ career goals and helping them achieve it is a way to achieve employee retention.

How will you let your employees know your career plans for them while they are in your company? Here are some things to consider:

  • After the hiring process, let them know the things that you can help them with like trainings and seminars to improve their skills and learnings more. However, do not make promises that you cannot give them. The company may face a few problems in the coming years so you cannot guarantee those promises, but still, you can assure them of other things. As their employer, you can give them your support, encouragement, and opportunities to help them move forward to their goals.
  • The employees must decide their own career plans. You cannot dictate them what career plans they should take even if you are their employer.
  • Once in a while, invite them to your office and hear what they have to say about their career plans, You can also ask them their long-term and short-term goals. As much as you can, commit some of your resources and provide them career opportunities that they need. However, always remember do not make promises you cannot keep.
  • Make sure that the goals your employee wants are parallel to the goals of the company. You must have the same vision as them to have better results in the work you all need to accomplish.
  • As the employer, you must also have a wide understanding about career development. Training them is not the only way. You must make your own research on how to help your employees achieve the goals that they set in their careers like sending them to seminars in and out of the country. It can provide them exposure and new learnings.

Career development planning is a great help to your employees in building their self-worth. It will make them realize that they can move forward to their desired career paths. Giving them support, help and encouragement will give them the impression that you can be trusted as their employer. Therefore, you can guarantee employee retention in your company. This is not only a gain for each employee, but also yours because you will have a trusted and hardworking person in your organization.

Choosing the Right Kind of Bodybuilding Supplement

There’s more to bodybuilding than just going on a strict diet and undergoing intense workouts. Often, the most successful bodybuilders also resort to taking certain supplements and/or chemical to help their muscle development along.

The sort of bodybuilding supplements employed by bodybuilders range from the organic (ginseng root, etc.) to the chemical (steroids, ostanish, etc.), and countless varieties of each kind exist on the market. Primarily, however, there are three popular bodybuilding aids, each with their own set of pros and cons. They are as follows:

• Testosterone.

ostanisho As the male hormone responsible for increasing muscle mass and strength, testosterone is a popular option for many bodybuilders. Although naturally occurring in both males and females, additional testosterone can and is often administered by doctors to patients who are looking to bulk up their physiques.

o Some of its benefits include:

Testosterone is readily available, and can be easily administered in safe doses by a qualified physician (although some will encourage the patient to try building up their bodies the natural way before agreeing to administer additional testosterone).

Testosterone can also be gleaned from safer, more natural sources like chia seeds, ginseng root, or perhaps even the more controversial deer antler.

Apart from increasing muscle mass and density, testosterone also provides a host of other health benefits, such as:

• Increased bone density and strength.

• Better cardiovascular functions.

• Enhanced sex drive or libido.

o Some of its disadvantages, on the other hand, are:

While it is a naturally occurring substance, patients who have additional testosterone administered are not immune to certain side effects, such as:

• Baldness.

• Urination problems

• More frequent acne breakouts

• Mood swings

• Anabolic steroids.

o Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic the effect that testosterone has on the body, and have a long, colorful history that stretches back for decades. They were initially developed to enhance muscle density and strength by increasing the amount of protein in the muscle cells.

o Some of its benefits include:

An undeniably potent and near-immediate effect. Anabolic steroids were deliberately designed to bulk up the body from the cellular level, so their effects are quite powerful. Steroids users also often achieve unbelievably burly and muscular figures a lot faster than bodybuilders who go the natural way.

Anabolic steroids can also be used to treat quite a few life-threatening conditions such as aids or cancer.

o Some of the disadvantages that come with using anabolic steroids are:

Certain health risks can emerge with prolonged usage. These include:

• Heightened cholesterol damage

• Liver failure

• High blood pressure

Unfavorable physical side effects for females, such as:

• Thicker body hair

• The development of a more masculine body frame

Unmistakable detection

• Doping tests were designed to detect anabolic steroids in particular, so using them during athletic events or competitions without getting caught is close to impossible.


o Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or sarms, are the most recent bodybuilding aid on the market. Designed as a safer alternative to both testosterone and anabolic steroids, sarms have been gaining popularity for its more targeted approach. Ostanish, one of its more widely-known variants, was greatly in demand shortly before it was mysteriously pulled off the market years ago.

Some of the benefits that come with using sarms include:

• More targeted effects.

Ostanish was particularly popular for its muscle-boosting effects, but bodybuilders and athletes also availed of other kinds of sarms for a variety of purposes (e.g., increased lung capacity, heightened stamina, etc.).

• No side effects.

Since sarms like ostanish have very specific targeted functions, they have no effect on the receptors and organs that don’t concern them.

One particular disadvantage of sarms, however, is that further research has yet to rule out any adverse side effects brought about by prolonged usage.

Author Bio:

Ostanish represents an exciting opportunity for any laboratory trying to understand mechanisms underlying receptor binding and anabolic response. The product is formulated in solution for easy administration to laboratory animals in a handy BPA-free bottle.

Important Tips When Selling and Purchasing Collectible Golf Equipment

There are many reasons why people get into the hobby of collecting rare, vintage, and valuable golf equipment. Aside from being very interesting and fun, it can also be lucrative, especially if the items in your collection can be valued at thousands of dollars each.

Here are some tips that will come in handy if you are a would-be collector who has just recently gained interest in this hobby, or if you are planning to sell an item or two from your collection.

golf equipmentBuy or sell online – Online shopping has made it a lot more convenient to search for vintage golf equipment. Many large online stores such as eBay and Amazon have an extensive section dedicated to collectible equipment that can range from vintage equipment to more recent items that are highly sought after for their value. There are also some sites that are exclusively devoted to buying and selling golf collectibles. If you intend to buy or sell your collectibles online, you should be aware of the extra risk of getting ripped off by possible scammers. To avoid this, transact only with proven and trusted sites and with vendors who have already been recommended by many others who have transacted successfully with them. If possible, arrange for a meet up so that you can see the items up close before buying them.

Do your research – Collectible golf items can range from a reasonable $20 value to as much as several thousand dollars. The age of an item can greatly affect its price value, especially if it’s an antique. The rarity of an item can also increase its value. Other factors can be the signatures that some items may bear, the players who may have previously owned these items and the memorable games or shots that they were used for. Whether you plan to sell collectible items in your possession or to purchase some items to add to your collection, it is very important to know the actual value of an item based on several factors. There are paperbacks and online resources that you can use as guides for proper appraisal.

Go for popular collectibles – Although there is a large variety of collectible golf items that you can choose from, the ones that you would want to invest in are golf equipment items such as golf balls, clubs, bags, etc. The most popular choice remains to be valuable golf putters, which can fetch hefty premiums and increasingly great price appreciation based on their quality, age, rarity, and popularity of former owner if any. There are quite a few who also invest in golf artwork, and that can also be an option for you, but know that these are harder to find and to sell, and that it usually requires more study in your part to avoid the greater risks that are involved.

Consult the pros – Selling and purchasing collectible golf items will involve a lot of money. You can gain a lot if you are successful with your transactions, but you also risk losing much if you are unable to make informed decisions. Be aware of the sad reality that there are those who try to sell fakes and replicas, and others who will try to talk you into selling your collectibles for less than what they are truly worth. Aside from reading up on guides for would-be collectors, it never hurts to consult with trusted experts so that they can authenticate the different qualities of an item before you make any decision to avoid any mistakes that you will greatly regret later on.

Just like any other form of hobby, collecting golf items and equipment can be very fun and profitable, but it also has its pitfalls. Don’t hesitate to take as much time as needed to take all the precautionary measures and closely investigate every piece of golf equipment that you wish to add to your collection.

Online shopping has made it a lot more convenient to search for vintage golf equipment

Different Styles for Neck Lanyards

It is very easy to customize neck lanyards online. Consumers no longer have to go out of their homes to purchase a personalized item. There is practically a style of lanyards fit for any type of budget.

To help consumers out in finding a style that is just right for their financial plan, here is a detailed list of various lanyard styles.

1. Hot Stamping

Neck LanyardsThis is the most economical style for lanyards. It is perfect for people on a tight budget and schedule. This style is the easiest way to apply designs to a lanyard. So, it is perfect for consumers in a hurry. In just a matter of minutes, consumers can imprint their lanyards on one or even both sides.

In this style, the design is actually transferred to the lanyard by applying pressurized heat from a designed film unto the lanyard. If consumers opt to use this style, then it would be best for a material like polyester instead of nylon because of its texture.

2. Screen Printing

This style is actually more durable than that of lanyards made by hot stamping. Aside from that, screen printing also makes it possible to use a wider variety of color options. This style, however, is more expensive because of time and labor costs. Hot stamped neck lanyards are usually done with very minimal labor, but screen printing entails intensive manual labor.

Screen printing is done by squeezing any type of colored ink into the material used in the lanyard and having it dry. It is called screen printing because the ink used in the process is squeezed through a fine mesh or screen that holds the design. This is an expensive, but durable option because the design is embedded in the material. For best results, choose materials with very smooth surface for fine details.

3. Full Color Printing

This is a process that can be used when consumer requires full image colors on neck lanyards. In this style, the image will be separated into four color components (black, cyan, yellow and magenta). This technique is done because separating an image into the components earlier mentioned makes it possible to produce millions of color combinations.

This process can make very detailed designs because it is not applied directly on to the neck lanyards. In this style, the design is actually printed on to a vinyl material which is later applied to the lanyard.

4. Laser Engraving

This is an expensive option because the process produces a permanent mark that will not scratch off. There are practically two ways to do laser engraving. One process is called Nd:YAG which provides a more consistent quality while the other process used is the CO2 lanyard system which may have some issues on design colors like red, black and blue.

5. Embossing

It is rather usual to find embossed designs on metal items. The same goes with lanyards because the process can also be done on leather and other materials. This style is common on lanyards like dog tags that have a beaded lanyard and stainless steel. The steel part of the lanyard is embossed using a machine that contains various numbers, letter and special characters.  This style is very durable because the design will never scratch off. However, the design options for embossed lanyards are very limited.

These are just five of the most common ways to add design to a lanyard. There are some styles that better suit a particular material, so it is important to understand the processes involved in imprinting. Today, there is a huge variety of options for printing. If consumers are not informed, a particular lanyard design may only go to waste because the style used easily rubs off the materials used.

Author Bio:To this day Neck Lanyards are still increasing in popularity and have become an essential security component of many businesses, schools, medical centers, government agencies, entertainment companies and more for displaying personal identification.


4 Types of Content For SEO Glory You Need To Work On

The old adage online is that “content is king”. You cannot escape this, even though some people try to do so. If you want to gain serious market share online, you will need to factor this into your overall reach. If you do not do this, you will need to chase the opportunity at least once in your marketing cycle. Without looking into this, you are going to find yourself in all too familiar territory, with no major traffic hitting your page. To avoid that fate, you will need to look this in a whole new manner. There are 4 major types of content that could boost your seo and give you amazing traffic, when done correctly. Of course, as with anything in optimization, this is going to take a lot of work and time. The following are just a few things that you should consider moving forward.

Video Tutorials

SEOOne of the most powerful things that you have on your side is simple, and that’s your knowledge of your niche. If you have no mastery of your own niche or corner of the market, then you are missing out on something very important. It’s for this reason that you absolutely need to cycle through video tutorials, whether you are on a voice over or in front of the camera talking about what you know. If you’re not keen on this, then hire someone to help you with this, and get uploading. You’ll find yourself amidst a great deal of market share overall, guaranteed.

Top 5 or 10 Lists

Right now, millions of lists are being published online. Some of the largest websites in the world deal with pop culture and lists are the format in which they get a lot of attention. If you want a share in this, you will want to chase it with the use of top 5 and top 10 lists that rank certain elements within your niche. Do this often enough and your traffic will explode into a whole new stratosphere. This will take some leg work and you’ll need to rank things based on opinion, but other than that, you will find yourself amidst a great deal of opportunity if you chase this correctly.

Product Reviews

Another way to gain a great deal of attention online is to get yourself into the review category. Start writing a great deal of reviews and you will gain a lot of popularity fast. The key here is to ensure that you are not just choosing random products, but rather selecting things that are in the media and are getting publicity already. If you pick obscure items, you will not go far in terms of traffic. Traffic is everything when you’re chasing the right kind of products, because it could help you gain affiliate marketing conversions, sales and much more. Don’t skip out on this content type.

Commentary on Current News

When working on seo, nothing is better than the current news. Take the current news and link to a high authority page, use a quote, and run with your own version of the story. This doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be current. The commentary that you state should be unique and your own opinion overall. That way you are going to be getting some market share from the news that is getting publicized daily. Do this for enough time and you will increase your traffic systematically overtime.

The 4 content types above will help your seo cause straightway. The key is to stay focused and continue to update on a regular basis. Just don’t forget to keep everything unique. The more unique your work is, the better chances you will have to impact traffic.